For those I love I sacrifice


when someone looks through your internet history

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'and whether it's just me or if it's just the world around me…the more road blocks you can put in front of that thing that's constantly trying to hammer into your head that you're worth nothing, the more roadblocks you put up the better. So for me, a journal. Like, i wrote a journal this morning. I opened it up and i just started writing things i was thinking of and what i was doing that day and then also different, bigger elements that i was thinking about and the fact that i wrote a journal today helps me, it's a roadblock to all the other pressures that i didn't accomplish anything today and i'm worthless.' 

-Tyler Joseph

(everyone should really watch this interview)


Color footage of a young Marilyn Monroe as a model for the Blue Book Model Agency

In the mid 1940s, Marilyn Monroe joined the Blue Book Model Agency, the largest agency in Los Angeles. During this same time she bleached her brunette hair to give herself a golden blonde look, as Miss Emmeline Snively, who ran the agency, needed someone with lighter hair. Monroe became an instant success, appearing in several pinup magazine covers. Her success attracted several other organizations to seek for her, however Ben Lyon, an executive with 20th Century Fox was able to get her first and arrange a screen test for her. The screen test went very well for Marilyn who was able to impress Ben Lyon. After the test she was given a stand six month contract which saw her earn a weekly salary of 125 dollars.

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Biggest plot twist in history.

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"In the dark you hold my hands so tightly
I can’t tell if you’re trying to hold me or yourself"

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